MI Films employs a cutting-edge team of highly skilled creative resources, enabling us to produce breathtaking work.

Our team operates with military-style execution, quick and efficient while maintaining complete discipline. We follow the producer’s and director’s guidelines to achieve captivating storytelling and high-end, inspiring brand imagery for each film we shoot.

With an ever-growing list of world-class clients, our team allows us to offer an unrivaled standard of creative filmmaking services.

We cover everything from conceptualization to pre-production, production design, director board, treatment notes, camera angles, cinematic shots, lighting, film mood, set design, art direction, stunning locations, props, styling, costumes, casting, rehearsals, travel, lodging, shooting equipment rentals, and transportation.

In short, we are an inspiring filming community; from shooting to post-production, we’ve got everything covered to produce captivating storytelling with inspiring imagery for brands.

To further emulate our clients vision, our producers and directors adopt a custom-build and technical approach. We produce and direct everything from Television Commercials, Animations, Branded Entertainment, Reality TV Shows, Music Videos, Drama Production, Mobisodes/ Webisodes and VFX Productions.

Our cutting edge team of directors, producers and production team collaborate with advertisers & agencies towards capturing the most visually interesting imagery and creating the most exciting sounds to make your brand story more beautiful and more compelling than ever before on any screen thus creating a distinct imagery for your brand.

Due to our presence in multiple countries, we have a vast pool of talent working with us from celebrities, seasoned actors and models whom we cast as per the film’s demand. These actors have an extensive range of film, television and theatre credits to themselves.

Our professional fashion stylists, also referred to as wardrobe consultants can help you craft your image, whether it be casual or formal, social or professional in any given ad. They begin first by listening to your needs and what is trending presently.

With a skilled team of art directors and prop masters, we construct sets and carefully choose our props to cater to every films requirement. Each item is unique and creative in its own way which requires skill and an attention to detail.

As we know, shooting can be location, interior or pavilion. Wherever the film’s action takes place - in the air, in the water, on land or under the ground, in the palace or in the bunkhouse - you will always need beautiful scenery.



The post-production phase of any shoot might be the least glamorous, but it is the most crucial. We believe in excellence throughout the filming process and uphold our quality standards for post-production. Here, we craft the magic with editing, music, grading, and more.

Our strategic alliance with DM Thailand provides inspiring brand imagery productions that elevate brands to new heights through world-class visual effects and animations for TV commercials and feature films.

The post production part of any shoot is usually the least glamorous but the most crucial, we believe in excellence throughout the filming process and maintain our standards of quality for post production. MI Films offers you the best PPM team with state of the line technology and equipment, whether you require final dubbing, mixing, animation, editing, color grading and toning etc.

“Music can change the world.” Our music is completely original and enticing for any given TVC, music video and documentary. Our team consists of the world’s best composers, sound FX artists and singers working with us who are in complete sync with the demand of a script to produce a masterpiece. We love to experiment and find new, sometimes crazy ways to design sound that becomes the soul of a brand.

At the forefront of innovation, our specialized Motion Graphics/VFX team in partnership with Digital Magic creates digital imagery and graphics for feature films, high-end television, commercials, and special projects by using the latest techniques in digital compositing and computer graphics that appear totally larger than life. With our artistic expertise, we continue to seek challenges, both creative and technical to make magic every day.

Our expert team on 3D animation and Concept Art share the same passion for 3D animation, arts and entertainment which result in creative blasts from every corner of the studio. That is why, from the creative sessions to the production process, the understanding of each brands’ personality is a key feature that empowers the use of new techniques, bringing charming works with high production values.


Thrilling quests for Games & VR

MI Gaming Studio is the gaming entertainment division of MI Films Worldwide. By blending storytelling with art and technology, our multicultural gaming team is all set to create magic that delivers phenomenal entertainment value.

Our expertise in insight analysis, design, development, deployment, and promotion of the best interactive content worldwide enables brands to stay ahead, no matter where we join them on their journey.

To achieve this, we maintain a unique culture that supports a team of designers and developers who use diverse techniques to form the soul of the game and create the best environments for it to run on. Providing the perfect blend of thrill and inspiring interactivity takes our clients further and faster on their digital journey, delighting customers along the way.


Turning the Iconic Cat into a medium for today’s active and digitally savvy kids.
Creating engagement and interactivity with its consumers like never before.


Our experienced international and regional VFX and Post-Production Team expertly blend creativity, film productions, and technology to create immersive experiences. We work with media, advertising, and event management companies as their amplification partner to manage and produce creative content through high-tech productions for CG stages & ambiances, 3D mapping, and holographic projections.




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DM Group, 589 soi ramkhamhang 39 kwang wangtonglang khet wangtonglang bangkok 10310 thailand


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