Our forward-thinking creative leader, strategic cultural branding narrator, and filmmaker Ehmer Kirmani founded a worldwide film production network, MI Films Worldwide, featuring a multicultural team of highly skilled creative and imagery talent from Europe, MENA, and Asia-Pacific.

We have fostered an exceptional working culture across the network by collaborating with top film community professionals from the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. Under the inspiring leadership of Ehmer Kirmani, our talented and experienced, highly skilled global creative and film productions team executes every project passionately and seamlessly, knowing how to utilize the team’s expertise and skills to deliver the best.

We are always passionate about bringing magic to our creations by constantly exploring, experimenting, and executing new techniques, creating visual identities, and pushing the boundaries in the quest to find the perfect capture of visually appealing scenes to craft powerful and distinct brand imagery.

This is how we have become experts in crafting a powerful brand narrative that translates into captivating storytelling with epic sound and inspiring brand imagery. Our cinematic style and approach create real magic in every film we produce, serving the world’s best brands and network agencies.


Empowering Brands Through
Captivating Storytelling And Inspiring Imagery



With a storyteller’s heart, our inspiring creative leader, filmmaker, and storyteller Ehmer Kirmani knows how to unlock the magic in filmmaking and translate that into a story that people love.

With a 20+ year multicultural track record, he has skillfully nurtured numerous global and regional brands through creative transformation and perception reshaping by cultivating powerful brand imagery, distinctive brand cultures, and enthralling storytelling that enables them to thrive in their respective marketplaces.

With his global exposure and over two decades of working experience with a wide range of the world’s best creative and filmmaking teams, Ehmer’s journey into creative direction, storytelling, and filmmaking has acquired a decisive edge from his creative eye and strategic thinking developed over the years.

His filmmaking journey started with his first step into advertising. As an advertising leader, Ehmer has worked on major advertising campaigns for regional and international clients while being a part of global network agencies, building some of the most iconic brands through meaningful purpose-driven communications and powerful storytelling.

However, passion drove him into filmmaking, and, with his prior experience with the best brands in the world, he tapped into the market’s needs – the need to tell great brand stories through the magic of film.

Ehmer traveled across the Western and Eastern Hemispheres to pursue his filmmaking journey, attending multiple filmmaking and storytelling courses and workshops. He worked on numerous international productions for leading global and local brands, collaborating with award-winning directors, storytellers, creatives, art directors, cinematographers, and multicultural film production teams.

Through extensive knowledge, training, exposure, and expertise in film direction and storytelling, Ehmer evolved into an inventive and forward-thinking filmmaker with a keen creative eye and strategic mindset developed over time.



We love the art of creating food films through epic moving, gliding, diving, colliding, and visually appealing food shots mixed with images. The epic sounds, movement, and color give the brand a flavor one can almost taste through the screens.

We team up with world-class specialists in food direction: the best director of photography, the best food stylists, and the best SFX teams and crews. We bring all those food-loving professionals together to produce exquisite food storytelling through high-speed shooting using motion control rigs, models, probes, and Phantom to Robotic Bolt for dynamic product shots in locations or studios.



Ehmer believes his journey of exploring filmmaking is a never-ending process and draws inspiration from various sources such as nature, people, relationships, culture, places, foods, books, movies, science, and technology, as these factors constantly enhance and improve his storytelling and film-directing skills while developing his creative spirit.

He keeps acquiring valuable knowledge by collaborating with the best creative and filmmaking professionals from the Western and Eastern hemispheres’ advertising, commercial, and film industries.

With his extensive experience and knowledge, Ehmer has mastered the art of translating his unwavering passion for filmmaking into crafting, directing, and producing inspiring brand imagery with captivating stories through the magic of film.



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